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Facets of my musical life

Awaiting Dawn
Duo Alargon - Reiter

Progressive Rock at its best

I joined my band back in 2006 already, after which the group kept developing to what it is today. This is my creative playground, and I am responsible for the main parts in composition. I am quite proud about the complexity of our arrangements and the fact that they are still intuitively intelligible. Besides the music itself, I really value the company of my always humorous bandmates, who share my passion for extravagant, groovy, virtuosic and melancholic stuff. Our debut album "Leave No Trace" was released in 2017 through Castle Road Records. 


Classical Trio with clarinet, viola and piano

Early in my studies, I found close friends in Julia Kitzinger (Clarinet) and Nils Biesewig (Viola, Violin). Our friendship resulted in the wish to perform together and led to the founding of our Trio. I love the familiar atmosphere and reliability in rehearsals and playing, and am glad for the high potential resulting from a mutual ability to discuss and criticize constructively.  


Classical duo with violin and piano

Ana Paola Alarcón is another friend I made during my studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. From early on, I had a great understanding with the Venezuelan violinist and we discovered a common passion for chamber music, with the decision to play together resulting shortly after.